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Estate Settlements
Now that your loved one has passed, where do you go from here? Have you been appointed as the executor of the estate, or are you a beneficiary of an estate? Whatever your situation we are here to help. You benefit from having an objective, third party to facilitate all facets or selected facets of an estate settlement. We analyze the estate’s assets and will make recommendations (based on the most tax efficient way) to roll over current assets or cash in and pay out to the beneficiaries. Working closely with the Executor of the Estate Todd and Michelle can help with the collection of information needed to settle an estate.
• Download the pdf of the "EXECUTOR CHECKLIST" main duties and responsibilities step by step, compliments of Mackenzie

Pension Rollover & Buyout Consulting
Is your company offering a buy out? Will you be eligible for retirement in the next 6 years? Is your company pension going to be enough for you to retire? Will your benefits be reduced by CPP and OAS? When you pass away what happens to your pension? Maybe a lump sum payment is right for you.
• Download the pdf of the


Portfolio Analysis
Analyze current portfolio and make recommendations based on past and current economic situations locally and globally.

Investment Consulting
Educate and inform you on which investments are right for your current life situation, so you can make informed decisions based on facts and not emotions.

Insurance Needs Analysis
Based on your current income and family responsibilities, which insurance is right for you. Find out with current and group insurance if you have enough or too much.

Tax Planning
80% of Canadians probably are paying more than their fair share of income tax. Are you sheltering all that you are legally entitled to without paying income tax, by maximizing your RRSP’s, TFSA’s, and Insurance Policies. That’s right some Insurance Policies can shelter investment income as well.

Estate Planning
Once you’ve gone through an Estate Settlement of a loved one, what could you have done different to pay less tax and probate fees. Will you give the tax man half of your estate or would you rather pass it on to your heir's tax free? Let’s plan to give the tax man less and your loved ones more.



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